Benedict Advisors LLC
New York & Greenwich, CT

Tabber B. Benedict
Founder & Managing Director
Business Development
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Many law firms are able to unearth critical and difficult legal issues in the midst of complex corporate transactions or litigation. Benedict Advisors LLC does more by producing ideas, not just discovering issues. Benedict Advisors LLC prides itself on finding creative and progressive solutions to problems —legal or otherwise. For this reason, Benedict Advisors LLC’s business model is designed to align the interests of the firm with the interests of its dynamic clients.

The substantial law firm, in-house and entrepreneurial experience of our team of lawyers and professionals gives Benedict Advisors LLC an edge in helping clients in a multitude of areas. With over twenty years of law firm, in-house and consulting services experience, we bring a unique perspective when resolving the issues that our clients face on a regular and non-recurring basis.

The alignment of business interests, a solution-based focus and an ability to provide a unique bundle of legal and consulting services are what set Benedict Advisors LLC apart—this is why our motto is Closing For Clients.